Interactive training tool

The THINK Project

The challenge

The THINK Project developed innovative methodology to engage the most disadvantaged white teenagers in Wales and confront their racist beliefs and attitudes. It was extremely successful: between 90 and 95% of participants changed their views after the 3-day workshops.

The Ethnic Youth Support Team (the NGO behind the THINK Project) wanted to train other people in this methodology, to replicate the success through the UK and beyond. However, they lacked the funds and resources to conduct face-to-face training.

How could we train practitioners who deal with disadvantaged youth to successfully win them away from their prejudices?

Our solution

Based on the work of the THINK Project, I designed and co-directed an interactive film, where practitioners are given the choice of how to respond to racist attitudes (using either common approaches or the innovative THINK methodology), and see the consequences of their choices.

The practitioners in the film are the real people delivering the project, while the participants all went through the workshops and were recreating their experiences.

My process

 Conceptual visualisation

Low-fi wireframes

 Hi-fi wireframes


User flow

The results

“I like that I am the one making the choices, rather than just watching the video of how they do it.”

— David M. Social Worker.

Practitioners throughout the UK have been positively impacted by both the innovative methodology and the innovative training method.

After undergoing the training, people reported a much better understanding of the THINK approach and felt significantly more confident in dealing with racism among the youth they engage with.