Documentary short film series

Countering Far-Right extremism in Europe

The challenge

The FREE Initiative was a project developed by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue to discover and highlight good practices in countering the growing threat of Far-Right extremism in Europe.

After interviewing more than 100 individuals in 10 countries, The FREE Initiative was faced with the challenge of spreading their findings and making them accessible to the people on the front lines. Written reports tend to be dry, while conferences are difficult and expensive to organise.

How could best practice in dealing with Far-Right extremism be presented in an engaging and efficient manner?

Our solution

To underline the extent of the problem of Far-Right extremism and highlight innovative responses in key areas (from policing demonstrations to dealing with hate-speech on the Internet), we created a series of engaging short films.

By centring the voices of the people dealing with the Far-Right threat on the front lines, the films present their experience first-hand and provide inspiration for others. The films also present an overview of the contents of the research carried out by the FREE Initiative and allow people to go into more detail (through the reports produced) in the areas that are more crucial to them.

The films have been watched by practitioners, activists and government officials throughout the continent and, together with the entire project, led to more awareness and international cooperation.